Back from Boston! (+Update)

Hey everyone. I am finally back from my trip to Pax east. This year there wasn’t many games I was really looking forward to. The animal crossing booth was definitely the best one this year!. I’ll add some photos that I took during the event below.
I also attended the monster hunter festa on Saturday where they had the USA championship. There was free food and drinks among other fun stuff
Aside from that, I’ve been working with a studio on some secret stuff I hope I get to share soon, for now it’s all NDA and what not so I’m unable to share what I been working on hence the lack of shareable posts lately .
I managed to fix my work email so I should finally be able to get convention application replies… hopefully I didn’t miss any deadlines .
Once I finish the angel dust print I’ll run a poll for the next hazbin hotel character to work on. I will probably do one more and start preparing more product for the next con that’s in a month.