Making the switch to upfront payment

Hey everyone, I hope you have been well. Due to multiple fake patrons, declined payments and frauds that have a negative impact on my account, I have decided to finally charge upfront. This will not affect anyone that is already a patron, you will still get charged per month. Now if a new person becomes a patron , that person will get charged right away and then every month after that. So that way we avoid people taking “free samples” ( since patrons don’t  get charged until the begging of the next month people can easily pick a high tier, steal the content then drop back or leave without paying)   

So this is definitely something I have wanted to do for a while. Last month I had OVER 5 FRAUDULENT PATRONS , their cards didn’t go trough AND i still had to pay processing fees. So yeah, this benefits both you and me 😉

Among other updates, I’m going trough my commissions at a good pace but I do keep getting new ones every couple of weeks now ( it’s amazing!). So most of the content I am posting its still work I owe. I promise I will get that Sidon picture done in the future. I want to be ready for the next con season and i will also get more original content out there for everyone to enjoy.

Now you have seen I started uploading work more constantly. I’m definitely trying to keep  pouring content to you guys. I am grateful for all your support and will continue drawing and posting for you all <3

Thank you so much –