May newsletter

Hey everyone,

It’s been difficult trying to figure out which day anymore haha. I finished one commission and started working on the second one.

One Of the cons that was supposed to happen next weekend went to all digital so there will be an artist alley online. I do have to fight them because they didn’t list my name on the alley list thought so I’m working to get that fixed.

Cradle con has still not refunded me for my table, con was cancelled as well. I’ll try emailin them again to see what’s going on.

I deferred my anthrocon ticket to next year, so AC2021 is where it’s at !.

I also deferred my tiny paws ticket and decided to upgrade my ticket level as well for 2021.

The website is slowly coming along. We got one review by the wonderful melbelleroseart and a product picture from her as well. If I manage to get the order form running and a logo we can have penguin alley running by the end of the month !

I have been working on the site more frequently since it would be a good side money thing to have while there are no cons and I gotta run my printer r the ink will start drying out. And with the setup I have I would need to disassemble the plate and clean it out which seems like a pain to do.

This week I’ve been streaming with enviiousness almost every day now. There has been some new faces popping in and hopefully we can have a more active community over in the chats .

A few new artists joined the discord and we started watch parties as well.

I appreciate your support at this time. I know how difficult it must be with the quarantine.

Continue supporting your artists (if you’re able of course )

Please stay safe !